TAO PORCHON-LYNCH: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

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Thousand years in 14 days
Rejuvenate & Forever Young
Adventure Yoga Retreat


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Food, Halong bay, cave, Sapa, Hanoi, Temple


“thank you for such an interesting, amazing trip… and again thank you for the wonderful food…” Mar-2012

Nov 18 to Dec 1, 2012 

(TAO PORCHON-LYNCH will be with the group, and lead yoga class Nov. 18th-24th)

The Guinness Book of Records’ oldest yoga teacher shares the keys to rejuvenation & youth – at the New Seven Wonders of Nature, Vietnam!

Experience a Vietnamese culinary journey, adventure, and practice with the oldest living yoga teacher who joyfully shares her wisdom. You will travel through UNESCO World Heritage sites on a dragon boat, and stay in 4-5 star accommodations. Participants can register with the Yoga Alliance and receive 35 continuing education training hours from the retreat.

Two full weeks to rejuvenating the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your soul. for detail  itinerary…


Imagine yourself in it… JUST BE


Teacher: Tao Porchon-Lynch, ERYT 500
Master Yoga teacher, Tao believes that following the principles of yoga can heal individuals and by extension, help heal our planet. At 94 years young, she is the embodiment of many profound Yoga principles. She exemplifies the positive “can-do spirit” that can accomplish anything. She has trained and certified hundreds of yoga instructors, since founding the Westchester Institute of Yoga in 1982. Tao has over 70 years of yoga practice and more than 45 years of teaching yoga to students in India, France and the U.S.


Guinness World Recordholder for Oldest Yoga Teacher 2012

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TV9 News : “Tao Porchon Lynch” 94-year old Dances At ‘Ageless Dance’ Show In Mumbai

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Teacher: Adam Quang E-RYT 500
The founder of World Karma Project, an energetic and easy-going fellow, known for his wisdom and compassion. A registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 master level.more…




Red Dao people in Sapa show us how to eat sugar cane. on our adventure yoga retreat in Vietnam.

Thousand years in 14 days & 13 nights




Week 1: Yoga & Rejuvenation
Ha Long Bay (Dragon Boat)

Nov.2012  Detail itinerary – click here

Immerse yourself in one of a  New 7 Wonders of Nature – Ha Long Bay, renowned for its thousands of rocky mountains and freshwater swamp forests.

Travel through this UNESCO World Heritage site on a dragon boat (5-7 days). Practice your daily yoga on calm waters, while the lush green surroundings permeate your senses.

Marvel in the simplicity of life as you enjoy eating fresh fruit, vegetarian meals and the local catch of the day – truly authentic Vietnamese food!

On the first day, you’ll experience a silent retreat: Rejuvenate the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your soul. Be with one thought. Contemplate the bigger picture of life in a quiet, remote setting.

Yoga (Tao will lead yoga classes, week 1)
Cave exploring: Hang Sung Sot
Vietnam culinary adventure

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.Week 2:
Culture & Adventure

Hanoi, Bai Dinh Temple, Sapa & Food

Experience the master craftsmanship of “Water Puppetry” – unique to Vietnam and dating back to the 11th century when performances were exclusively reserved to the King and Queen...

Bai Dinh Temple 


Bai Dinh Temple: Take a day trip to one of the biggest temples in South East Asia – a popular site for Buddhist pilgrims across Vietnam. This is considered the largest and most beautiful pagoda in Vietnam, with the biggest copper Buddha Sakyamuni statue (16m high, weighs 100 tons, cast in pure bronze) that was bought from Russian.

In the garden discover 500 Arhats, 2.3m statues similar to the Christian apostles .


Days trips to Sapa: Hike up to the Gate of Heaven on Mount Hàm Rồng in Sapa and experience the heavenly scenery, with the lush green mountains of the rainforest.

Get to know how the Vietnamese indigenous people live. [Join in Sapa folk dancing or just enjoy watching]

click here for more pictures of: Food, Halong bay, cave, Sapa, Hanoi, Temple



Quality assurance: All accommodation is based on 4-5 star hotel standards where it is available (or up to western standards of quality and cleanliness.) Due to the volatility the industry, we have our representative visit the site within 60 days before your retreat to guarantee that it is up to our high quality western standards. We publish/send out an email once we confirm that the accommodation passes our quality check.

4 star Hotel Room
4 star hotel amenities









Upcoming Retreat

Teacher: Adam Quang E-RYT 500Tao Porchon-Lynch, ERYT 500
Date: Nov 18 to Dec 1, 2012
Tour size:10 rooms
$4999.* CND (+HST) / all expenses included EXCEPT airfare

*Accommodation is based on double occupancy.
*Single Supplement: $985 (If you would like to share a room with another single traveler, please inform us of this preference when you make your booking. We will try to pair you up in order to accommodate your request. Your prepaid single supplement will be refunded to you once we pair you with another single traveler.).

Yoga studio / teacher? Choose a prepackaged retreat, choose a date – we’ll take care of the rest!
(20 or 40 person plus group) EMAIL: info @ worldkarmaproject.com
♣Ask us about our custom corporate package

click here for Q&A Retreat: Studio/ Teacher
click here for Q&A Retreat: Individual

I am not ready to make a full payment now, can I reserve a space and pay later?
Yes, to reserve your place on the Retreat, the Operator requires a non-refundable deposit of five hundred Canadian dollars (CDN$500 + HST) on the day that you return your signed Acceptance of Terms & Conditions and Release and Waiver Agreement.

Final payment of the balance owing is due sixty (60) days before the Retreat is scheduled to begin (if the tour is fully booked, and there is someone ready make a full payment. We will contact you and give you priority to make full payment within 48 hours or refund your deposit)

Karma Work

We believe in knowledge and creating better communities – one person at a time.
A portion of our profits will go towards supporting a child’s education in Vietnam – specifically, paying his/her full year’s tuition fee. We ask the child’s parents to pay forward in kind by performing a good deed for someone in need in the community – each month and without expectation of any gain in return.

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International Lifestyle Magazine-Jul-2012

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