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Essential things to bring with you
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What to bring: Smiles, good intentions, will to get fit (there are many many stairs on the property as we’re built on a steep terrain)
What not to bring: Stress and bad vibes (don’t worry, they will melt down the moment you step into the boat)

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Travel health notices, Public Health Agency of Canada
Travel health clinics, Public Health Agency of Canada
How to avoid travel health insurance pitfalls
What flying REALLY does to your body (and how to fix it)
Pressure, humidity and cramped conditions make flying tough for the body
Short or long-haul flights can cause dizziness, dry skin and bad breath
Be mindful of these changes in your body and you can curb the effects

The 2 Cheapest Days of the Week to Fly (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
The lowest in-and-out combinations tend to cluster in the range of outbound Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; returning Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Wednesday. For short-haul trips, Expedia’s lowest-fare groupings are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday both ways. via


The Best Time To Book A Plane Ticket, According To New Study

The researchers found that 129 days was indeed the magic number for Asia booking on average, they’re quick to point out that this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule: your flight’s “best price” window depends a lot on the specific trip you’re taking.

Here are the “magic numbers” for some common international destinations:

Europe: 151 days before your flight
Asia: 129 days before your flight
The Caribbean: 101 days before your flight
Mexico: 89 days before your flight
Latin America: 80 days before your flight

Average Best Time to Buy International Flights

On average, a ticket was at its highest price on the day before the flight. The second-highest price was two days before the flight, the third-highest was three days before… and so on, all the way to 13 days before the flight.

When to ignore our advice and book your flight as early as possible /
The Best Time To Book A Plane Ticket, According To New Study /

Checklist & thing to bring with you


  • Your Passport (Canadian / USA)
  • Vietnam Visa / Vietnam embassy in Ottawa
  • 2-4 extra photos (head shot) for extra goverment document if needed
  • Extra photocopies of your importance documents: Make at least 3 photocopies of all important documents for you wallet, day bags and weekend bags and 1 copy or more for family member or someone who will handle and help you in emergency from home (Canada / USA etc…)
    1. passport (s) & Visa
    2. citizenship
    3. driver’s license
    4. health-card number & Family doctor information
    5. credit cards # including expiry date and security number
    6. Your all travel itinerary in your group.
    7. Travel health insurance details, including contract or certificate numbers, and contact information for the insurer’s customer service department.
    8. proof of travel insurance coverage, including the name and phone number of any broker used
Vietnam Plug Adapters and Outlet Shapes

Utility items to consider:

      • Sun block
      • Mosquitoes repellent
      • Small secure purse & backpack or messenger shoulder bag to carry coat/water/other
      • trekking pole for walking
      • large Ziploc bags for storing wet/damp clothes (when they don’t dry after washing )
      • Toiletries (hotels & boat will have : soap, shampoo, body lotion…)
      • Handy wipes / pocket Kleenex
      • Alarm clock
      • Camera, iPod and Ipad (optional)
      • Small Binoculars (optional)
      • A good book (optional)
      • Journal & pen if you feel inspired (optional)
      • Cell phone (optional / high rate international roaming fee)
      • electrical circuits plug adapter  for your electronic (optional)
      • Locks: TSA approved locks for luggage. Keep your luggage locked. This will discourage petty / opportunity thieves.
      • Luggage: Bring extra luggage for the things you will find: Hand embroideries, clothes, jewelry, art and home accessories. Quality items are not cheap, but are definitely less expensive in Vietnam or may simply be unique and impossible to find in Canada.
        Contact info should be kept outside AND INSIDE your luggage in case it becomes lost or cut off your luggage on the outside.
      • Cash for (10%) tips and shopping: US $ / Canadian $ & Dong (Vietnam $), Visa, Mastercard
        • $10US tip per day are extra for service staff ( tour guide, drivers, restaurant, boat staff : cook,waiter, cleaning staff…)
        • hotel room service tip $2 to $5 / day (optional)

(make sure your U.S & CAN money are NICE CLEAN, NEW and CRISP as possible (they may NOT accept bills that are torn, marked, wrinkled) or they may take a % off your exchange cash)

Tips for travel with an iPad and other tablets from Lonely Planet

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We cannot predict or control the weather, but we can prepare for it.

“Layer” is the key word!”

Weather in Vietnam at this time ( sept to April) is like late spring/early fall: day-time 15oC to 27oC, evening is 10oC to 22oC. This depends on whether it is cloudy or sunny. So remember, “layer” is the key word!

  • Jackets:
    -Water/wind resistance light jacket:  for cool or misty weather (including rain pants if you have them).
    -light jacket: Wool / polar-fleece / hoodie front zippered for evening and to wear under the water/wind resistance light jacket for warmth.
  • During the overnight in Sapa: there will be thick blankets and a camp-fire for sleeping. In case it’s cold, you will need warm long tights or long-johns and a sweater (think late fall camping in Canada.)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • scarf
  • Summer clothes and Sweaters & warm clothes for staying snug
  • Yoga clothes
  • Bathing suit(s)
  • layers of clothing in case it is cool
  • Walking shoe (for hiking or running)
  • Slip on shoes, sandals, or flip flops for the beach
  • click here for Essential things to bring with you
“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” This pictures was taking while we were on the Adventure Yoga Retreat, our daily yoga practice

Medical checklist:

          • We recommend you visit a travel clinic to determine what inoculations/medications are advisable
            (eg Japanese encephalitis is not needed all year round, nor are malaria pills)
          • Mosquitoes spray / Bug repellent
          • Handy wipes (optional)
          • Antibacterial cream
          • Puffer if you ever need one
          • Broad spectrumAntibiotic for trouble tummy & diarrhea (eg Cipro)
          • useful to have: gravol, pepto bismol, bandaids, polysporin
          • Typhoid Vaccines
          • Travel Diarrhea: “Dukoral” can be taken weeks before leaving on your trip. (go to walk in clinic or book an appointment with your doctor to get a prescription)
          • click here for Essential things to bring with you
          • travel health kit

Travel health: As of today January 3, 2012. There is no Malaria notice in Vietnam on the Canadian government website.

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