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HELLO, It’s a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for stopping  by.

We’re World Karma Project,  our mission is to make you and the people around you “awesome,” our goal is to promote “Do better, Feel better, Be better.” With aim of creating and promoting generosity and kindness.

A portion of our retreat profits will go towards supporting a child’s education in Vietnam; specifically, paying his/her full year’s tuition fee. We ask the child’s parents to pay forward in kind by performing a good deed for someone in need in the community – each month and without expectation of any gain in return.

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” This pictures was taking while we were on the Adventure Yoga Retreat, our daily yoga practice

Do I have to know yoga to come?
No, yoga classes are optional. Also, there are different levels of classes. Even if you have never done yoga before or are new to yoga, you can sit in on any class and do what you can, or just hang out.

There are different levels of classes for everyone – from beginner to advanced.

Three classes per day (1st week):
morning Vinyasa yoga class (medium to advanced),
afternoon yoga OR Yogalate class (beginner to medium)
evening class – restorative yoga and meditation (all levels)

Will I get bored, if I don’t do yoga?
This is an adventure tour with yoga added as the cherry on top of a sundae! There are many adventures to experience. You will find yourself in an ancient world with thousands of years of complex history, influenced by French, American and all Asian cultures combined.

Imagine the mix of foods and the multitude of things that you can learn about and explore!
Click here for more pictures and videos of Vietnamese food

Why is your retreat double the price of most one week retreats?
The Tour is customized to the needs of our group! Everything is privately chartered (boat / car / adventure outings / and a private chef at Halong Bay) and people can make a request or recommend an activity.
By contrast, most other retreats consist of you going to a resort and staying on the resort for the entire time – generally ONE week. Our retreat is for 2 weeks!

    • Aside from the regular yoga practice on the retreat, you get to experience:

  • adventuring out on many day trips and outings;
  • culture: museum, city tour, stay in the village of Vietnamese indigenous people;
  • food: 100s of Vietnamese cuisines customized for our retreat;
  • fine accommodations: 4-5 star hotel standards where it is available (or up to western standards of quality and cleanliness.)
  • Participants can register with the Yoga Alliance and receive 35 continuing yoga education training hours from the retreat.
  • As part of our 1000 Acts of Kindness #7. Give the gift of education
    -A portion of your retreat will go towards supporting a child’s education in Vietnam – specifically, paying his/her full year’s tuition fee! You are doing good for yourself as well as for another!
    -By empowering women and children to gain an education, we are helping them to become independent and financially secure.

Note that although you may choose whether to participate in yoga classes and other included activities, the Retreat is relatively active. While there will be plenty of time to relax, there will also be much to see and do. The included activities may require an extensive amount of walking over uneven pavement and sometimes steps, so you should inform the Operator of any issues regarding health or mobility before registering for the Retreat, as this could greatly impact your Retreat experience.

Ha Long Bay – New 7 Wonders of Nature

I am not ready to make a full payment now, can I reserve a space and pay later?
Yes, to reserve your place on the Retreat, the Operator requires a non-refundable deposit of five hundred Canadian dollars (CDN$500 + HST) on the day that you return your signed Acceptance of Terms & Conditions and Release and Waiver Agreement.

Final payment of the balance owing is due sixty (60) days before the Retreat is scheduled to begin (if the tour is fully booked, and there is someone ready make a full payment. We will contact you and give you priority to make full payment within 48 hours or refund your deposit)

Click here for Refund Policy

Studio / private teacher: We work with yoga studios / private yoga instructors who have at least 20-60 students that they want to take with them to the Pre-packaged Adventure Yoga Retreat.

Individual: If you are an individual, follow the “Retreat” link from the home page to learn more about specific retreats (or click on name below.)

Yoga space / studio

Who teaches the yoga classes during the retreat? The yoga instructor who is leading the retreat usually teaches all of the classes.
Upcoming Retreat
Teacher: Adam Quang- ERYT 500

Can I use these hours as continue education with Yoga Alliance? Yes,
if the teacher who lead the retreat is ERYT-500 Master level, Participants can register with the Yoga Alliance and receive 35 continuing education training hours from the retreat.

What  styles of yoga are practiced at the retreats?

The same style that the studio / teacher is known for.
(Visit our up coming retreat for details on style and bio of the studio and teachers)
Most of our classes are in open-air spaces so the temperature depends on the outside climate.

How long is the typical retreat?
14 days/ 13 nights

What does a daily itinerary look like on average?
Week one: Rejuvenation on a luxury dragon boat and outdoor adventures

    • Silent day. Rejuvenate the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your soul. Be with one thought and contemplate the bigger picture of life in a quiet, removed setting.

6am: yoga class
Free time /
Group Lunch
*Week 1 Activities
afternoon class
Group dinner
8:00 pm: Evening class / meditation

  • *Week 1 Activities: kayaking / cave exploring / biking & hiking / swimming.


Week 2: cultural excursions and outdoor adventures

Luxury Junk boat
  • Bai Dinh Temple : Day trip
  • days trips to Sapa: Hike up to the Gate of Heaven /lush green mountains of the rain forest. Get to know how the Vietnamese Indigenous people live and join in or watch Sapa folk dancing.

Does Adventure Yoga Retreat handle flights?
We do not book flights,
Here is a link to some travel agencies that can help you:
www.toureast.com / They also handle Visa for China and Vietnam

The Best Time To Book A Plane Ticket, According To New Study

The researchers found that 129 days was indeed the magic number for booking on average for Asia, they’re quick to point out that this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule: your flight’s “best price” window depends a lot on the specific trip you’re taking.

Here are the “magic numbers” for some common international destinations:

Europe: 151 days before your flight
Asia: 129 days before your flight
The Caribbean: 101 days before your flight
Mexico: 89 days before your flight
Latin America: 80 days before your flight

Average Best Time to Buy International Flights

On average, a ticket was at its highest price on the day before the flight. The second-highest price was two days before the flight, the third-highest was three days before… and so on, all the way to 13 days before the flight.

When to ignore our advice and book your flight as early as possible / cheapair.com
The Best Time To Book A Plane Ticket, According To New Study / huffingtonpost.com

What city airport should I fly into?

Hanoi will be our base city
If you come over from North America, the two popular air gates to Asia are Hong Kong or Bangkok. Other gates are Korea or Japan but the prices are a bit more expensive for air, hotel or spending, if you want additional time in Asia before or after our retreat.

1st day: welcoming day / Hanoi City Tour starts at 12pm that 1st day, but you can arrive anytime during the day. Overnight stay at hotel in Hanoi City.

2nd day: 8am heading to Halong Bay in a private chartered vehicle (3 hour drive.)

Do travelers need a visa or travel insurance?

Vietnam requires a Visa, We will help and recommend on how to apply for the Visa / www.toureast.com

We have group insurance for our tour, but individual travel insurance is recommended.

What is the address I should put when applying for my Vietnam Visa?
For tourists going to stay at hotel without any sponsoring organizations or individuals, just write TOURIST/HOTEL

How much does a retreat cost?
visit link “Upcoming Retreat” and click on Teacher / Studio name

What is included in the retreat cost?
Accommodations, meals as noted, all excursion tours and tickets, and use of the yoga class and space.

We can arrange for airport pick-up and drop-off in the destination country for an extra cost.

Flights, tips, private yoga lessons and optional tours are generally not included.

How big are most groups?
Depending on the teacher / studio who are leading the retreat.

visit link and click on Teacher / Studio name
(group size 18 students / 32 students/ 42 students / 56 students)

Boat room / 5-stars


Quality assurance
All accommodation is based on 4-5 star hotel standards where it is available (or up to western standards of quality and cleanliness.)
Due to the volatility the industry, we have our representative visit the site within 60 days before your retreat to guarantee that it is up to our high quality western standards. We publish / send out an email once we confirm that the accommodation passes our quality check.

4 star Hotel Room
4 star hotel amenities
Ha Long Bay – Vietnam / New 7 Wonders of Nature








Why did I choose Ha Long Bay?

Simply, the experience I had there!

Here I am kayaking in the middle of a calm ocean, surrounded by thousands of rock mountains, when
suddenly I notice a junk boat with two big sails enter my line of vision, as the sun slowly sets over the water.

I stop and just let the moment in.

Feeling small and insignificant, I find myself only meters away from one of thousands of ancient rock mountains towering 30 stories in height above me. Somehow, though I am part of this magnificent world, I also feel very much my own individual. Then, as my hand releases the paddle to rest it on the kayak, my hand touches the water…

The entire scene engulfs me. Suddenly, I feel so alive – as though every sense of my being is expanding. The boundaries I have set up for myself are no longer and I am able to just let go. I feel so connected to all beings; able to feel and hear the water, the air and the animals on the mountain. It is a dream-like surreal moment. Everything within my vision is refined and deeply rich in detail and color.

In this moment I think, “This is what I want people to experience -this magnificent ancient world! The beauty of this UNESCO site will be their introduction to the rich history of Vietnamese culture.” 

more pictures click =>Ha Long Bay, Cave,  Vietnamese food. Sapa 


Vietnam Climate


click here for our project
UN report: 67 million kids not in school click read more…

**ask us about our custom corporate package
click here for: 
pictures of Food, Halong bay, cave, Sapa, Hanoi, Temple
Q&A Retreat: Studio/ Teacher
Before You Go
Essential things to bring with you
Food, Halong bay, cave, Sapa, Hanoi, Temple

Congratulations, and thank you!

YOU are part of this revolution!

International Lifestyle Magazine-Jul-2012



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