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Free YogaRestorative Yoga class is offered once per week and open to everybody! Studio rental costs are cover by us. 2 Karma spots are available in each Restorative Yoga class for Free by RSVP. In return: we ask that you do a kind deed for someone in your daily lives OR that you bring with you canned food to donate to a food bank or shelter. We will take care of delivering this food to its destination, OR  make a ($5) donation to us to help with our  World Karma Project.
Please RSVP here  Free yoga in the park (RSVP Karma Spot)

Restorative Yoga Poster may-2013Rejuvenate your body and mind, experience quiet in your busy lifestyle, reflect and reconnect with yourself.
Feel renewed – like a day at the spa

Restorative Yoga is a very gentle practice where postures are meant to be done fully supported by props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps. You lie in a yoga position and relax into the pose. More detail…

Time: Monday  6pm-7pm
Place: 598A Yonge Street 3rd floor/ Wellesley (Glad Day Bookshop)

Cost: 2 free spots / class

When: 5 weeks workshop Feb.4 to Mar.4.2013

Why Yoga? Yoga tones muscles, gives strength, helps people manage and relieve stress and pain. If a person is able to have relief from pain, 
then they are more likely to be patient,
 courteous, compassionate, more confident, and mindfully of their actions and have a better living experience to Do-Feel-Be acts of kindness. link: The Corporate Yogi & Free yoga in the park (RSVP Karma Spot)

support an independent yoga teacher
support an independent yoga teacher

Unfortunately, we can only offer 2 free spaces in our classes each week. We’re keeping the cost low so that it’s affordable for most people to participate AND offer the 2 free spaces to ensure that everyone can! Our hope is to always have the classes full in order to cover the cost of studio rental, so that we do not have to pay out of our own pocket. Maintaining the Free Karma spaces is essential to the goal of providing Free Yoga and giving the Do-Feel-Be better experience to everyone.

The RSVP will be open 7days before each class for the 2 Free Karma spaces. Hopefully this will give everyone an equally opportunity and avoid no shows from people who book too far in advance and have their schedules change close to the date.

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