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Thanks so much for the fantastic yoga class in the park and for your great energy. Best yoga class I’ve been to in a long time. Thank you! See you next week.” Joy Schwartz

To support our work in making you and the people around you “awesome,” and help pay for studio rental, please make a donation via paypal.  (See all our past Free Yoga Projects click here.)



Free Yoga

Free yoga-Toronto, Canada-2012

Create & promote inclusiveness, tolerance & open-mindedness 


Yogis of all levels and skill are welcome, including beginners. The class is Vinyasa style or Restorative and will be held in a casual environment.

Free Yoga is a project aimed at helping people – to give people an oasis to just “be” so that they in turn can be more patient, courteous, compassionate, confident and mindful of their actions. When people have a better living experience they are more free to live a “Do better, Feel better, Be better” way of life. They are more apt to carry out acts of generosity and kindness towards others. This is the work of the World Karma Project. Our mission is to make you and the people around you more “awesome.”

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“Excellent. Adam makes you feel very good about yourself, no matter what skill level you are at.” Laura McGrath


"Yoga is the martial art of the soul, and the opponent is the strongest you’ve ever faced-your ego"
“Yoga is the martial art of the soul, and the opponent is the strongest you’ve ever faced-your ego”


  • $5 donation will help us pay for studio rental & promoting ” Do Better ” Project
  • OR bring with you canned food to donate to a food bank or shelter
  • OR FREE: we ask that you do a kind deed for someone in your daily lives

Why Yoga? Yoga tones muscles, gives strength, helps people manage and relieve stress and pain. If a person is able to have relief from pain, 
then they are more likely to be patient,
 courteous, compassionate, more confident, and mindfully of their actions and have a better living experience to Do-Feel-Be acts of kindness.

Adam Quang E-RYT 500The founder of World Karma Project, an energetic and easy-going fellow, known for his wisdom and compassion. A registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 master level. Adam combines everyday common sense and uses ashanga flow as a base, with Thai yoga massage for his teaching style. (more…)


  1. Toronto: Karma Yoga
  2. Toronto: Karma yoga in the park
  3. Vietnam “Good karma” Vinyasa Flow
  4. Brazil: Every Day is Day of Yoga
  5. Toronto: Free Restorative Yoga

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A powerful inspirational video, a true story from a man who lost the use of his legs and using  YOGA  to over come all odds and walk again.

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