Adam Quang: Halong bay, Vietnam

 “thank you for such an interesting, amazing trip” March 2012

Yoga retreat @ New 7 Wonders of Nature – Ha Long Bay

Fully booked 2012
(next retreat Nov, 18 to Dec 1, 2012)

Retreat detail below : Nov, 18 to Dec 1, 2012
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My name is Adam Quang, the founder of World Karma Project – ­ a project aimed at creating and promoting random acts of kindness

I am deeply touched and saddened by the tragedy of Jenna Morrison. I never met her, but as a yoga teacher and a bicycle user here in Toronto, I have biked on the same path as Jenna to and from the studio and class, and feel a deep sympathy for her family.

Starting December 15th, 2011, (sale from Dec 2011 to Mar 2012) $500 from your March 2012 retreat cost , will go to a Trust Fund for Jenna Morrison. Also a portion of your retreat cost will provide a Vietnamese child with school tuition for one year.

Dead cyclist Jenna Morrison was a yoga teacher, dancer, mom /

Retreat detail below : March 3 – 17, 2012 (school break)

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“Halong Bay, a staggering seascape of some 1,600 limestone islands and islets in the Gulf of Tonkin, formed over millions of years, there’s never been a better time to visit. In November, the Unesco World Heritage site was provisionally named one of the world’s “new seven wonders of nature” based on a global poll conducted by the Swiss foundation New7Wonders” #15. Halong Bay /45 Places to Go in 2012 Via New York time magazine

New 7 Wonders of Nature - Ha Long Bay

Two full week to rejuvenate the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your soul.


.more pictures click => Ha Long Bay & food, Cave, Sapa

“I very much enjoy that Adam takes the time to teach proper technique and fundamental yoga practice in his class, without detracting from the pleasure of the experience or being overly pedantic” click here for more…

Retreat detail below : March 3 – 17, 2012 (school break)


"If you seek to change others, start by changing yourself. If you seek to change the world, start by accepting yourself. The person in the mirror can change his-her destiny by first understanding and then having compassion for oneself" Adam Quang

Teacher: Adam Quang E-RYT 500

an energetic and easy-going fellow who started training as a Buddhist monk at 4 years of age and has been practicing the ancient arts all of his life. A registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance, he has achieved the E-RYT 500 Master level. Known for his wisdom and compassion more…

Retreat detail below : March 3 – 17, 2012 (school break)

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Upcoming Retreat

Teacher: Tao Porchon-Lynch, ERYT 500 &  Adam Quang E-RYT 500
Date: Nov, 18 to Dec 1 2012
Tour size: small
Tour cost:$4500.* CND (+HST) / all expenses included EXCEPT airfare

.*Accommodation is based on double occupancy.
*Single Supplement: $985 (If you would like to share a room with another single traveler, please inform us of this preference when you make your booking. We will try to pair you up in order to accommodate your request, if at all possible.)

Nov, 18 to Dec 1 2012(March 2012 fully booked)

Adam’s yoga classes is fantastic. His classes are very calming, very centering. He uses soft music effectively. He has a great respect for the students and for the discipline of yoga. He has very good knowledge of human movement, anatomy, and strength. He has devised positions and excersizes that are very effective and innovative.

His classes improve body, mind, and spirit.” Maureen Reilly click here for more…

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Adam Quang Mar.2012  Detail itinerary

1-Adventure yoga retreat - Halong bay Tour itinerary -Mar_3-17_2012 -Edit JC
1-Tour itinerary - Mar.2012 - Adam Quang: Halong bay, Vietnam
2-Adventure yoga retreat - Halong bay Tour itinerary -Mar_3-17_2012 -Edit JC
2-Tour itinerary - Mar.2012 - Adam Quang: Halong bay, Vietnam
3-Adventure yoga retreat - Halong bay Tour itinerary -Mar_3-17_2012 -Edit JC
3-Tour itinerary - Mar.2012 - Adam Quang: Halong bay, Vietnam
4-Adventure yoga retreat - Halong bay Tour itinerary -Mar_3-17_2012 -Edit JC
4-Tour itinerary - Mar.2012 - Adam Quang: Halong bay, Vietnam
5-Adventure yoga retreat - Halong bay Tour itinerary -Mar_3-17_2012 -Edit JC
5-Tour itinerary - Mar.2012 - Adam Quang: Halong bay, Vietnam
6-Adventure yoga retreat - Halong bay Tour itinerary -Mar_3-17_2012 -Edit JC
6-Tour itinerary - Mar.2012 - Adam Quang: Halong bay, Vietnam
7-Adventure yoga retreat - Halong bay Tour itinerary -Mar_3-17_2012 -Edit JC
7-Tour itinerary - Mar.2012 - Adam Quang: Halong bay, Vietnam
8-Adventure yoga retreat - Halong bay Tour itinerary -Mar_3-17_2012 -Edit JC
8-Tour itinerary - Mar.2012 - Adam Quang: Halong bay, Vietnam
9-Adventure yoga retreat - Halong bay Tour itinerary -Mar_3-17_2012 -Edit JC
9-Tour itinerary - Mar.2012 - Adam Quang: Halong bay, Vietnam
Mar 2012 retreat -Jenna Morrison

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Week 1: Rejuvenation (14 days/ 13 nights)
Ha Long Bay (Dragon Boat)

Mar.2012  Detail itinerary – click here 

Immerse yourself in one of a  New 7 Wonders of Nature – Ha Long Bay, renowned for its thousands of rocky mountains and freshwater swamp forests.

Travel through this UNESCO World Heritage site on a dragon boat (5-7 days). Practice your daily yoga on calm waters, while the lush green surroundings permeate your senses.

Marvel in the simplicity of life as you enjoy eating fresh fruit, vegetarian meals and the local catch of the day – truly authentic Vietnamese food!

On the first day, you’ll experience a silent retreat: Rejuvenate the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your soul. Be with one thought. Contemplate the bigger picture of life in a quiet, remote setting.

Cave exploring: Hang Sung Sot

Week 1 Daily classes & Activities

Daily classes:
8:00-9:00 am: Yoga

2:00 pm: Tai Chi OR Yogalate (yoga and Pilates)
8:00 pm: Restorative yoga / meditation



Vietnamese cooking lesson

Activities: (Click on activity to see pictures and info)

Cave exploring: Hang Sung Sot (Cave of the Surprises)

Biking & hiking
Vietnamese cooking lesson

more pictures click => Cave, Ha Long Bay, food, Sapa

Water puppetry — unique to Vietnam and dates back to 11th century CE


.Week 2: Culture

Hanoi, Bai Dinh Temple & Sapa



Hanoi: Go sightseeing in Hanoi City, on a Cyclo tricycle.

Experience the master craftsmanship of “Water Puppetry” – unique to Vietnam and dating back to the 11th century when performances were exclusively reserved to the King and Queen. ..

Bai Dinh Temple


Bai Dinh Temple: Take a day trip to one of the biggest temples in South East Asia – a popular site for Buddhist pilgrims across Vietnam. This is considered the largest and most beautiful pagoda in Vietnam, with the biggest copper Buddha Sakyamuni statue (16m high, weighs 100 tons, cast in pure bronze) that was bought from Russian.

In the garden discover 500 Arhats, 2.3m statues similar to the Christian apostles .


Days trip to Sapa

Days trips to Sapa: Hike up to the Gate of Heaven on Mount Hàm Rồng in Sapa and experience the heavenly scenery, with the lush green mountains of the rainforest.

Get to know how the Vietnamese indigenous people live. [Join in Sapa folk dancing or just enjoy watching (weekend only)]

more picture of Sapa<= Click here



Boat room / 5-stars

Quality assurance: All accommodation is based on 4-5 star hotel standards where it is available (or up to western standards of quality and cleanliness.) Do to the volatility the industry, we have our representative visit the site within 60 days before your retreat to guarantee that it is up to our high quality western standards. We publish / send out an email, once we confirm that the accommodation passes our quality check. .

4 star Hotel Room
4 star hotel amenities









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Karma Work

We believe in knowledge and creating better communities – one person at a time.
A portion of our profits will go towards supporting a child’s education in Vietnam – specifically, paying his/her full year’s tuition fee. We ask the child’s parents to pay forward in kind by performing a good deed for someone in need in the community – each month and without expectation of any gain in return.

Congratulations and thank you.

YOU are part of this revolution!

your one action, can change someone world

The Differences Between Yoga Styles

 “Adam, I had the very great pleasure of taking your yoga class at the Metro Central Ymca on several occasions, and I was deeply impressed by your knowledge and care as a teacher.”
Peggy Baker/ artist-in-residence Canada’s National Ballet School

Benefits of Yoga:

  • relaxes
  • relieves back tension
  • Improves sleep / helps with insomnia.
  • Fibromyalgia relief; can reduce pain by 24 per cent, fatigue by 30 per cent.
  • Can help with improving depression by 42 per cent.
  • Improves balance up to 34 per cent.
  • Provides hope and comfort during (breast) cancer treatment.
  • Happier moods; boost blood levels of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins – three natural feel-good brain chemicals.
  • help with depression
  • Read full article  click here

Hatha yoga is a general term that refers to the practice of physical yoga postures. The word is made of two roots HA meaning sun, and THA meaning moon. The idea of Hatha yoga practice is to restore balance to the body (sun and moon like yin and yang=balanced). In North American yoga studios and YMCA’s, Hatha has come to mean a class where postures are performed to achieve harmony in body, mind and spirit. These classes could be considered “average” as far as physical exertion goes. Poses are not necessarily linked one to the next in this practice.

In North America, Vinyasa classes use the same poses as Hatha Yoga (please note, Vinyasa Yoga is also Hatha Yoga), but this approach, weaves them together, moving from one posture to another as a flowing sequence. These classes tend to be more “vigorous”.

Ashtangha Vinyasa (in the tradition of Pathabbi Jois), there is a specific sequence of Hatha yoga postures taught, each flowing into the next. There are six different sequences, but most teachers only teach poses from the “primary” or first series and second series. These sequences are “very vigorous”.

Yogalate is based on the philosophies of both Yoga and Pilates, Yogalate focuses on core muscles, back and abdominals with poses and movements.

Restorative Yoga is a very gentle practice where postures are meant to be done fully supported by props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps. Once set up in a pose, you should be able to release all the muscles in the body into a passive stretch. Poses are often held for 10 minutes each per side, and this practice should be considered safe for “all” participants. These are the slowest classes (least vigorous) of all styles.

Meditation is valuable discipline that can help you stay young in both body and spirit. Through guided meditation, you will be lead through a series of exercises to help you better understand and appreciate meditation. Every session begins with relaxation exercises, after which we take the student through a series breathing techniques to help in maintaining focus. We then use visualization techniques to guide the student to a quiet mind. Over time students learn to maintain this state for increasing periods of time, through which they will learn to better manage everyday stresses.

Press: It’s pay it forward time

Adam Quang, a quiet and humble man who aspires to make the world a more tolerable and caring place, one person at a time…

adam’s rules are,”offer help, kindness and encouragement to people when you see that they need it. It’s not about making yourself feel better. It’s about helping the other person to have a better day. Karma is about offering unconditional love and kindness, helping without the expectation of getting anything back…

Adam has helped many people along the way through fundraisers, hot meals for the homeless. his list never ends as it’s his way of life to give back

Press on picture or link for bigger word.
Toronto Sun “It’s pay it forward time” April-24-2006 by Xania

Toronto Sun “It’s pay it forward time” April-24-2006 by Xania

DO, FEEL, BE kindness.