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We’re World Karma Project,  our mission is to make you and the people around you “awesome,” our goal is to promote “Do better, Feel better, Be better.” With aim of creating and promoting generosity and kindness.

It’s not a charity or a big organization. It’s just a guy – Adam Quang – trying to create better communities, one person at a time.

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DO better for yourself through self acceptance, love and helping to build a better community.
FEEL better about yourself as a result of your actions.
BE better with yourself and your environment.

“The creation of a more peaceful and happier society has to begin from the level of the individual, and from there it can expand to one’s family, to one’s neighborhood, to one’s community and so on.” Dalai Lama

I am not trying to change the world. The world has never stopped changing. I want to be part of the change for the betterment of myself and the people around me._ Adam Quang



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DO, FEEL, BE kindness.