How does the project come about?

“Not a charity. Not a big organization. Just a guy, trying to create better communities – one person at a time” Adam Quang


“If you seek to change others, start by changing yourself. If you seek to change the world, start by accepting yourself. The person in the mirror can change his-her destiny by first understanding and then having compassion for oneself” Adam Quang

April 14-2005: Today I was talking to a student of mine in my meditation class about karma. What you give out good or bad, consciously or unconsciously: karma will come back and bite you in the ass, especially the bad one. But to be kind and compassionate to one person or persons, one can make the environment around them a bit easier to live in. And in return, the person whom you have been kind to will be kind to another and so on, making the place you lives in a better place one person at a time. It is like building a foundation of a house with a brick at a time. No one can change the world all at once. But we can change and make a better caring community one at a time, which hopefully will help and nurture kindness, trust and compassion, by do better, we feel better & Be better. This is the very thing that will prevent war and hate.

the Experience:

I am not trying to change the world. The world has never stopped changing. I want to be part of the change for the betterment of myself and the people around me._ Adam Quang

A few days ago, life is good: spring warm weather is here and the beautiful sunny day. It was a good way to end a nice day; all my bills had been paid, so it was time to enjoy life. I went food shopping at one of the store in plateau Mount Royal (Montréal). I was at my usual mood every time I go to the big supermarket place – mostly to buy a big cake and some sweet stuff to chow down. I was picking up a few things here and there for the house that I don’t really need, but what the heck. Most of the thing we buy as a North Americans, we don’t really need anyhow.

As I stand next to the doorway looking at some houseplants, I was thinking:Do I have room for it? And then I have this lively conversation by myself out loud and in my head. After about five minutes or more, I finally pick a big banana plant and put it in my cart. A friend told me recently that bananas are going sterile and can’t reproduce any more because of the use of too much chemicals. I should stock it up, wouldn’t you say? Well just in case if we ever run out of banana.

Mind you I have this small banana plan at home already, and it been there for 3 years. It is only about 12 inches tall, and in a good month it has only about 5 leaves. So I figure by the time it bears fruit, (hmm… maybe in 40years) I will be the only one with THE banana tree that has fruit. And I won’t have any problem eating it because I won’t have any teeth by then, so it will be all good.

As this lively conversation is going on in my head, I noted this young lady coming through the door. Her aura seems a bit heavy and her body language seems to suggest she is tired and maybe stressed. She is in her early twenties and her attire seemed a bit worn out with a backpack, suggesting that she may be a student and may not have much money.

So, back to my conversation with myself, and pushing the cart and picking things and putting it into the cart. My mind is talking to it self again: should I get some salmon and maybe cream cheese and avocado? I can mix it with oyster mushrooms – that would be a nice dinner. Then I head over to the candy and cake section. Yummm!

I noted again that this same lady was looking at the price of every item very carefully and would hesitate to take the item or not. It got me thinking how lucky I am, to be able to buy what I like and not having to think about it.

Then I head over to the cake section and pick up a marble chocolate cake, and on I went, shopping up and down the aisles. Then I see this lady at the meat section and in her cart, she had some good tomatoes and some healthy environment-conscious food choices. Everything in the cart seemed to be really limited – just enough for one meal kind of thing. I wanted to put back the cake and go over and give her 20$, and tell her she needed it more than I would. But I didn’t want her to feel embarrassed or think I was insulting her. So I didn’t do it and go home with my cake and goodies.

[(1990) I once cooked a bowl of noodle for a homeless lady who was camping out next to the metro/subway, next to where I used to live. It was in the middle of a Montréal winter and around midnight as I was getting home from work. I saw this lady and when home and cooked this hot soup thought she could use to warm her up. But as I placed the bowl in front of her, when I came back to get the bowl later the noodle was untouched and I realized I may had insulted her pride, and I felt bad about it. To some people these are the only things they have left to keep them going. I learned a valuable lesson that day.]

I will give out five dollar ($5.00) each month for six months to some random person I think will have better need for the $5.00 than I do. Or get some one I don’t know, something that will make them smile.

I don’t think I am the first to think of this. There was a movie about a similar idea. It is called “Pay it Forward”, a friend of my informed me about it tonight. I hope you will join me on this quest.

It only takes one person to start the revolution and that person can be YOU!

DO Better. FEEL Better. Be BetterHelp spread kindness through good deeds in your local community.

  • You will perform a kindness for six people,
  • and those six people will perform a kindness for six more.
  • By the eleventh stage, kindnesses will have reached more than 362,797,056 people – more than the population of the United States.
  • By the thirteenth stage, kindnesses will have reached the world’s population!!

This is the very thing that will prevent war and hate. Help create a better world at the local and personal level – one person at a time.

Congratulations, and thank you!

YOU are part of this revolution!



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DO, FEEL, BE kindness.