George Michael #RAK

“George Michael wrote Careless Whisper at 17, but when it was released when he was 21 added Andrew Ridgeley to the writing credits so he would never worry about money. He donated all the profits from Last Christmas to Band Aid. He provided free tickets for nursing staff, and visited children and their families suffering from cancer, under “no publicity” conditions. He donated £100k every year to Help a London Child. He paid for IVF treatment after testing a Deal or no Deal contestant said she needed to win 15k to pay for treatment. He played a Miners’ support gig. He tipped a student nurse working as a barmaid to pay her student loan, £5k. He supported Marc Bolan’s son. Lots more will probably emerge over the next few weeks. Yet today, you read comments that he is damned because he was gay. I know in whose company I would rather spend eternity, and which behaviour I consider more ‘Christian” anon

#KarmaWarrior #RAK #bethechange #1000Kindness



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