Karma Mission

Our Karma Mission have no political agenda or association, and is not part of any organization. We are only one of the many local individuals contributors / small group of citizens, who are using funds from their own pockets to pay for these Karma missions with: a simple goal of creating a better world.

Here are some of our recent Karma Missions

Everyone deserves to feel good and beautiful.

These professional hair stylists rented a bus with their own money, drove overnight to the village, hand out care packages and then offered FREE haircuts to anyone in the village.

Give hope through a human touch or bringing care packages to a senior’s home who has no family, and in many cases may be bedridden. Tell them that their company still matters or simply listen to their life stories.

Visiting villages that been effected by Agent Orange from the Vietnam War and are still affecting this generation. This 15-year-old boy is under-developed, bedridden and can’t walk. He’s living in constant fear that his family will abandon him at any minute, like so many other families have done. In this video, I was talking to the mother and telling him how handsome he is as he was becoming shy.

Giving out books and care packages at an orphanage in Vietnam.




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