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We recently asked our free yoga group, “How does one create & promote random acts of kindness?” Here are some responses from our Yogi.

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“There are two ways of spreading light. To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it”

How to create & promote random acts of kindness?
” Creating and promoting random acts of kindness are not mutually exclusive. By offering your seat on the bus to a pregnant woman you create and promote. Living love and kindness everyday, not focusing on the lack but the bounty are attitudes that permeate more than just a moment. You’d be surprised how much your actions or in actions can affect complete stranger.

On my mat I learned what love wasn’t to learn what love is. In the process it gave me a voice on my mat so I could reclaim mine off my mat. Being a yogi for me is taking that love and voice outside of the studio, being humble, kind and compassionate even when no one is looking. ” Janine Martins

“Treat people the way you want to be treated :)” Diane

Make today ridiculously amazing

“Exactly with what your doing, will inspire me to do more” Tiffany

“Starts with a smile :)” Nancy

“making wise choices to yourself will promote kindness to yourself and therefore spread to others in the mindset of goodness that u r in”jeffrey

“Be in the moment.”Laura McGrath

“try every day in dealing with my colleagues and daughter to respond in small ways that I hope will make others feel better about themselves. I’ve also started smiling at people I pass on the street instead of passing with eyes downcast. This is kind of hard for me, but I find it makes me feel better, and I hope that sometimes it might make someone else feel better too.”Sylvia Kerr

“Be present.”Arlene

“Send love and acceptance to all souls… a sincere smile can add such joy to someone’s day.”Jewel

I alone cannot change the world, but i can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples-Mother Teresa

“eye contact smile please & thank you be genuine” Kim

“treating people the way in which I would love to be treated, thats my motto.” Natasha

“Well I usually observe anyone in need and provide help” Shama

“By making a random act of kindness often enough the kindness will be passed along.” Aleksia

“free hugs ^_^” Linda

“I like to pay it forward and help when and where I can. Being an example for others is one good way to promote acts of kindness.” Rose

“Just do it and promote the benefits you experience by the act. Not rocket science.” Viresh Raghubeer

“I like to hold doors for people, hold the elevator for someone. I’ve shared my lunch with a homeless person, & I thank the TTC drivers when I exit the vehicle (if by the front door)”Krystal Germiquet

Generosity procures joy,honesty procures peace. The more fully we give our energy, the more it returns to us

“smiling at someone when walking by; saying hello to strangers; being open to new cultures and experiences; no judgements; love and compassion” Julie

“give instead of receive” Timur

“by smiling, by being kind and through compassionate heart” Sona

“Above all, I think it’s important to have peace and happiness in my mind. I believe the real acts of kindness come from those kinds of state of mind.” Min-Ha Park

“Smile at those who you pass on the street and try to make eye contact, hold the door for people and offer to help them carry bags if they look to be struggling. It is as simple as that. Even just listening if someone needs to talk if you have the time… If you act positively others will follow suit.

“Stay balanced, integrate any insight gained into your daily life, it will emanate throughout and create ripples as far as the eye can see.” Candice

“never blame anyone in life, Good people give happiness, Bad people give experiences, Worst people give a lesson, Best people give memories…”

“Be there to support people in crises. Give a listening ear, and shoulder to those who need it.” Khadija

“holding a door open for someone, paying for someone’s coffee, helping a homeless person on a street, being nice and smiling are all ways to promote acts of kindness.” Catherine

“by opening our spirits up to strangers in toronto and basically pay it forward so to speak. smile at people, say a few words to someone on the bus, hold a door open. lots of things when you think about it.” caroline strutt

how to create & promote random acts of kindness?

“Actions speak louder than words! Although I do like to post writing and art on social networking sites that promote kindness, I know that supporting things is better done by actually participating. It’s also easier to promote and create acts of kindness when you are passionate about it; as a fitness instructor (part-time), I always bring kind words and a smile to my students as I work with them. Relaxation and positivity are always a part of my classes, and I find that our energies feed one another and create that desire to bring it to other people, even if it’s smiling at someone who seems sad or indifferent, or paying for a stranger’s coffee without any expectations, simply for the joy of doing it. Other things I’ve done include holding the door for a stranger or spending time with my elderly neighbours.” Christine

“Bring kindness to every interaction” Carrie Hayes

“The heart is like a garden, it can grow compassion, fear, resentment or love. What seeds will you plant there?”



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