Itinerary: Nov. 2012

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We’re World Karma Project, our goal is to promote “Do better, Feel better, Be better.” with aim of creating and promoting generosity and kindness.
A portion of our retreat profits will go towards supporting a child’s education in Vietnam.

Thousand years in 14 days
Rejuvenate & Forever Young
Adventure Yoga Retreat

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“thank you for such an interesting, amazing trip… and again thank you for the wonderful food…” Mar-2012

The Guinness Book of Records’ oldest yoga teacher shares the keys to rejuvenation & youth @
New Seven Wonders of Nature, Vietnam!

Experience a Vietnamese culinary journey, adventure, and practice with the oldest living yoga teacher who joyfully shares her wisdom. You will travel through UNESCO World Heritage sites on a dragon boat, and stay in 4-5 star accommodations. Participants can register with the Yoga Alliance and receive 35 continuing education training hours from the retreat.

Tao Porchon-Lynch will be with the group from November 18 to 24, 2012

Yoga classes will be added or subtracted, adjusting to the group’s request.

Tour is customized to our group, everything is privately catered (Boat / car / outing) feel free to request / recommend activity, and you don’t have to do everything listed on here.

Guinness World Recordholder: Oldest Yoga Teacher 2012

Note that although you may choose whether to participate in yoga classes and other included activities, the Retreat is relatively active.  While there will be plenty of time to relax, there will also be much to see and do.  The included activities may require an extensive amount of walking over uneven pavement and sometimes steps, so you should inform the Operator of any issues regarding health or mobility before registering for the Retreat, as this could greatly impact your Retreat experience.

Thousand years in 14 days & 13 nights



Week 1: Yoga & Rejuvenation

DAY 1 (Sun): 18/Nov/2012           HANOI

    • Welcoming (arrive anytime during the day)
    • Morning free to leisure
    • Check in hotel / Hanoi city
    • Lunch at restaurant
    • 14:00 old city tour by cyclo
      • old city tour by cyclo  / Hoan Kiem Lake & Ngoc Son temple
      •  if your plane is arriving late, we can custom arrange a cyclo tour for you at a later day, for an extra cost.
City tour by by cyclo
  • “(Pronounced see-clo) is a Vietnamese version of a cycle rickshaw, originally used as the main form of transportation in Vietnam, it has now been overtaken by motorbikes, but still very much remains at the heart of Vietnamese culture. Sit back and relax as you witness the hustle and bustle of Vietnamese life from the comfort of your armchair! The Old Quarter, also known as the 36 streets, is a bustling area of narrow streets home to literally thousands of small businesses, shopkeepers and street vendors, selling everything from bananas to books. Originally each of the 36 streets’ names were related to the products being sold there. Hence you can walk from Fish Street to Tin Street to Bamboo Street. It’s a great place to explore and the slow pace of a cyclo will enable numerous photo opportunities.”

  • “The Ngoc Son temple is set on a tiny island on the Hoan Kiem Lake, with history dating back to the 13th century. The temple is reached by crossing the Huc Bridge which literally means the ‘Place Touched by Morning Sunbeams’. The Hoan Kiem Lake is the local point of the city and the source of many legends. One legend has it that in the 15th century Emperor Le Thai To vanquished the invading Chinese with the help of a magical sword. Whilst rowing on the lake an enormous turtle seized the sword from his grasp. The Emperor took this to mean that peace had returned and the sword had been given back to its guardian spirit. In honour of the event he renamed the lake ‘Ho Hoan Kiem’ – Lake of the Restored Sword.”
  • 15:00            free time
  • 18:30            Welcoming dinner at restaurant

Overnight at hotel in Hanoi City

DAY 2(Monday): 19/Nov/2012            HANOI – HALONG BAY
“Halong Bay, a staggering seascape of some 1,600 limestone islands and islets in the Gulf of Tonkin, formed over millions of years; there’s never been a better time to visit. In November, the Unesco World Heritage site was provisionally named one of the world’s “new seven wonders of nature” based on a global poll conducted by the Swiss foundation New 7 Wonders” #15. Halong Bay /45 Places to Go in 2012 via New York time magazine


“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” This pictures was taking while we were on the Adventure Yoga Retreat, our daily yoga practice
  • 7:00            breakfast at restaurant
  • 8:00            Hanoi – 4 hour drive to Hon Gai (HaLong Bay)
  • 12:15            boarding boat / check- in
    • boat will pass by: Bai Tu Long Bay / Hon Gai and Cam Pha, Oan Lagoon, Mat Quy (Monster Head) and Am Tich (Teapot) Islets and Vung Vieng fishing village
  • Free time, relax
  • 18:00            dinner on boat
  • 20:00            restorative yoga & meditation with Tao / Adam on boat sundeck

Overnight on Boat

DAY 3 (Tuesday) 20/Nov/2012            HALONG BAY & YOGA (silent day)

“A moment of self compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments can change the course of your life” this pictures was taking just before our yoga practice: 6am in Halong Bay, Vietnam / 7 wonders of nature

This is a silent day of our retreat. we suggest you practice NO SPEAKING for half a day from sunrise to noon or full day from sunrise to sundown (optional).

This is a great opportunity to listen and JUST BE, time to just surrender to yourself and take in this beautiful, quiet, majestic, heavenly place on earth.

  • 06:00  yoga flow with Tao / Adam/ boat sundeck (NO SPEAKING)
  • 07:30            breakfast on boat (NO SPEAKING)
  • 08:00             Free time, relax (NO SPEAKING)
  • 11:00            yoga with Tao / Adam  (NO SPEAKING)
  • 12:00            lunch / free time (kayaking and swimming if weather permitted)
  • 18:00             dinner
  • 20:00            restorative yoga & meditation with Tao / Adam on boat sundeck

Overnight on boat

DAY 4 (Wednesday): 21/Nov/2012              HALONG BAY & YOGA

“Cat Ba is the largest island (surface area of 285 km2 ) in the Bay and approximately half of its area is covered by a National Park, which is home to the highly endangered Cat Ba Langur. The island has a wide variety of natural ecosystems, both marine and terrestrial, leading to incredibly high rates of biodiversity. Types of natural habitats found on Cat Ba Archipelago include limestone karsts, tropical limestone forests, coral reefs, mangrove and sea grass beds, lagoons, beaches, caves, and willow swamp forests. Cat Ba Island is one of the only populated islands in Ha Long Bay, with roughly 13,000 inhabitants living in six different communes, and 4,000 more inhabitants living on floating fishing villages off the coast. The large majority of the population can be found in Cat Ba Town which is located at the southern tip of the Island (15 km south of the national park) and is the commercial center on the Island. Since 1997, Cat Ba Town has grown rapidly and has become a tourist hub for both the Island and greater Ha Long Bay.”


early morning yoga in Halong bay
  • 6:00            yoga flow with Tao / Adam on boat sundeck
  • 8:30            breakfast on boat
  • 09:00            visit Cat Ba Island by boat & private car
  • 11:.00 lunch
  • 12:00            Cat Ba Island National Park by private car
    • 3 hour hike, wear comfortable shoe (difficult level: medium)
    • 18:00             dinner
    • 20: 00            Restorative yoga & meditation with Tao / Adam on boat sundeck

Overnight on boat

DAY 5 (Thursday): 22/Nov/2012               HALONG BAY & YOGA


Taichi in the Cave

Surprise Cave (Sung Sot) Discovered by the French, in 1901, Hang Sung Sot (Cave of the Surprises) rests 25 m above sea level and is immense. The cave’s ceiling is approximately 30m high and the paved passage inside is 500-meters in length. The uniqueness of this cave is that it holds many different shapes of stalagmites and stalactites which hang from the high ceiling. The formations inside seemingly come alive when light is reflected from several water pools inside the cave.

  • 6am             yoga flow with Tao / Adam on boat sundeck
  • 7:30            breakfast on boat
  • 08:00            explore (2hours) the Surprise Cave(Sung Sot) /
    • wear comfortable shoe for hike (difficult level: light to medium)
  • 12:00            Lunch on boat
  • 13:30            free time on boat
  • 18:00            dinner on boat
  • 20: 00            restorative yoga & meditation with Tao / Adam on boat sundeck

Overnight on boat

DAY 6 (Friday): 23/Nov/2012                                          HALONG BAY &  YOGA

  • 06:00  yoga flow with Tao / Adam on boat sundeck
  • 08:00            visit Cong Dam
    • floating fishing village
    • go through Thay cave
  • 11am             yoga with Tao / Adam on boat sundeck
  • 12:00            Lunch on boat
  • 13:30            the boat will go through Cua Van village, visit museum and floating school
  • 18:00            dinner on boat
  • 20: 00            restorative yoga & meditation with Tao / Adam on boat sundeck

Overnight on boat

.Week 2: Culture & Adventure

DAY 7 (Saturday) 24/Nov/2012                  HALONG BAY – returning to HANOI

  • 06:00            yoga flow with Tao / Adam on boat sundeck
  • 07:00            boat cruise through the Bay passing beautiful spots like Trong (Drum), Trinh Nu (Virgin) and Me Cung Caves, Coc Ngoi (Toad) Islet, etc.
  • 09:00             brunch is served onboard -boat leisurely back to harbour
  • 11:00            check out boat
    • dock in the harbour then drive back to Hanoi
  • 16:30            arrival in Hanoi,
    • check-in hotel / free at leisure
  • 18:00            Tao Porchon-Lynch farewell dinner
  • 19:00            free at leisure (night market)

Overnight at hotel in Hanoi city

DAY 8 (Sunday)25/Nov/2012            HA NOI -– BAI DINH POGODA TEMPLE

  • 8:00             breakfast  at restaurant
  • 9:00             day trip to one of the biggest temples in South East Asia
    • (difficult level: light to medium)
  • 2 hour drive (each way) to Ninh Binh / Bai Dinh Pagoda
    • largest Buddhist architecture in Vietnam
    • Vietnam’s largest pagoda: 107 hectares (1,070,000 m2 ) -the “Tam The” and “Thap Chu” with an area of 1,000 square meters
    • largest bronze Buddha statue in Southeast Asia: weighs 100 tons, Three of the “Tam The” weigh 50 tons each
    • two of the biggest bells in Southeast Asia:  weigh 36 and 27 tons
    • Vietnam has the largest La Han statues:  500 tons, 2 metros high
    • 100 Bodhi trees were transplanted from India. Buddha became enlightened under these Bodhi trees. (A record was set in Vietnam for the most Bodhi Trees)
  • 11:00 lunch at restaurant
  • 16:00             return to Hanoi
  • 18:00 dinner / Hanoi
  • 20:00             water puppet show
  • free to leisure

Overnight at hotel in Hanoi city

DAY 9 (Monday) 26/Nov/2012            HANOI CITY

  • 8:00             check out hotel (you can leave part of you luggage at the hotel)
  • 8:30             breakfast at restaurant
  • 9:30            Ho Chi Minh mausoleum (Vietnam founding father)
    • (difficult level: easy)
    • former stilt-house residence, the Presidential Palace and the Ho Chi Minh museum.
    • One Pillar pagoda (Ly Dynasty 1049)
  • 12:00            Lunch at restaurant
  • 14:00            Temple of Literature (văn miếu quốc tử giám)
    • (difficult level: easy)
    • “Originally built as a temple to Confucius, this is the site of Vietnam’s first university dating back to 1070. Inside are the stone steles mounted on the backs of turtles, inscribed with the names of the university’s graduates. The complex is divided into five courtyards with different paths that would originally have been reserved for the Emperor and his mandarins. One of the courtyards contains the statue of Confucius guarded by two beautiful bronze storks standing on turtles. The temple highlights the important influence that Vietnamese society has placed on education.”
  • 18:30            dinner

Overnight on Train

DAY 10 (Tuesday) 27/Nov/2012                    SAPA – CAT CAT VILLAGE

  • 05:30            arrival in Lao Cai railway station
  • 5:30            2 hours drive to Sapa
  • 8:00            breakfast at restaurant
  • 9:00            Drop off baggage at hotel in Sapa
    • Relax at hotel spa / free time
    • prepare a personal overnight bag (toiletry and change of clothes) for overnight stay with the villagers
  • free to leisure or enjoy pampering massage at hotel (Optional additional cost)

  • 12:00            lunch at restaurant
  • 14:00            drive to Homestay
  • free time (meet the local ethnic minority people: Red Zao, Hmong and Tay)
  • 18:00            dinner enjoy the local cuisine
  • 20:00            Camp-fire program:

Overnight at Homestay: sleep in a hut in village and socialize with Vietnamese local indigenous people.
Toilet and water facilities is westernized. NO outdoor footprint toilet (overnight bag / bring warm layer of clothes to wear and sleep in in case is cold)

DAY 11 (Wednesday) 28/Nov/2012            SAPA – HAM RONG MOUNTAIN

“Ham Rong Mountain is right in Sapa Town. The mountain is home to some stunning orchid gardens and “rock gardens”.  From Ham Rong Mountain, we can have the best view of Sapa and the surrounding fresh nature including Mount Fansipan.”

  • 07:00            breakfast at homestay
  • 08.00            Ham Rong mountain -the garden of Sapa (wear comfortable shoe)
    • (difficult level: medium)
    • climb to the heavenly gate (about 50m step high hike)
    • visiting orchid forest with various kinds of forest orchids
  • 13:00 lunch at restaurant
  • afternoon free at leisure / visit Sapa market
  • 18:00            dinner at restaurant

Overnight at hotel in Sapa city

DAY 12 (Thursday) 29/Nov/2012                        SAPA – LAO CAI – HA NOI

“Never Get tired of doing little things for others. For sometimes, those little thing occupy the biggest part of their heart” Ida Azhari
  • 6:30            breakfast at hotel
  • 8:00            check out hotel (leave your baggage at hotel)
  • 9:00             visit Silver waterfall  (difficult level: medium)
    • about 100m step high hike, wear comfortable shoe
  • 12:00            lunch at restaurant
  • 13:00            free to leisure in Sapa
  • 15:00            freshen up at hotel spa before departing Sapa
  • 16:00            drive back to Lao Cai city (2 hours)
  • 18:00            dinner at restaurant
  • 20:30             overnight train to Hanoi
    • (soft sleeper in air-conditioned compartment with 4 bed/ cabin)

Overnight on train

DAY 13 (Friday) 30/Nov/2012            HA NOI

  • 6:00             pick up at Hanoi railway station and
  • 7:00            drop of luggage at hotel and freshen up at hotel
  • 8:00            breakfast at restaurant
  • 9:00            museum of fine art
  • 11:30            lunch
  • 13:00            check-in Hotel
  • 14:00            free time / shopping
  • 18:00            dinner
  • 19:00            free time (night market)

Overnight at: Hotel

DAY 14(Saturday) 1/Dec/2012            HANOI CITY


  • 6-10am breakfast at hotel
  • 11:00            Checkout of hotel
  • Free at leisure until departure

If your flight leave in the evening or later in the day, you can leave your baggage at the hotel.

Teacher: Adam Quang E-RYT 500Tao Porchon-Lynch, ERYT 500
Date: Nov 18 to Dec 1, 2012
Tour size: 10 Rooms
Tour cost: $4500.* CND (+HST) / all expenses included EXCEPT airfare

*Accommodation is based on double occupancy.
*Single Supplement: $985 (If you would like to share a room with another single traveler, please inform us of this preference when you make your booking. We will try to pair you up in order to accommodate your request, if at all possible.).

Yoga studio / teacher? Choose a prepackaged retreat, choose a date – we’ll take care of the rest!
(20 or 40 person plus group) EMAIL: info @
♣Ask us about our custom corporate package

click here for Q&A Retreat: Studio/ Teacher
click here for Q&A Retreat: Individual

Teacher: Tao Porchon-Lynch, ERYT 500
Master Yoga teacher, Tao believes that following the principles of yoga can heal individuals and by extension, help heal our planet. At 94 years young, she is the embodiment of many profound Yoga principles. She exemplifies the positive “can-do spirit” that can accomplish anything. She has trained and certified hundreds of yoga instructors, since founding the Westchester Institute of Yoga in 1982. Tao has over 70 years of yoga practice and more than 45 years of teaching yoga to students in India, France and the U.S.


Guinness World Recordholder for Oldest Yoga Teacher 2012

more videos:
Tao and the Dali Lama! / Tuning In To Peace Within
Tara Stiles & Tao Porchon Lynch: Living a Fear-Free Life
Tao Porchon-Lynch : Your Total Health
TV9 News : “Tao Porchon Lynch” 94-year old Dances At ‘Ageless Dance’ Show In Mumbai
more article links at bottom of webpage


Teacher: Adam Quang E-RYT 500
The founder of World Karma Project, an energetic and easy-going fellow, known for his wisdom and compassion. A registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 master level.Adam combines everyday common sense and uses ashanga flow as a base, with Thai yoga massage for his teaching style. (more…)

Tour includes:

  • All transfers and transportation in private air-conditioned vehicle with driver as per tour program (from November 18 to December 1, 2012)
  • Private boat visiting Ha Long Bay
  • Entrance and sightseeing fees
  • All meals as per itinerary
  • Hanoi and Sapa
  • Cyclo or tram to take a city tour
  • Water Puppet tickets and sightseeing points
  • 1 night at a homestay in Cat Cat Village
  • 2 nights onboard the train
  • (soft sleeper in air-conditioned compartment with 4 bed/ cabin)
  • Camp-fire fees in Sapa
  • English + Vietnamese speaking guide throughout tour program


Food Allergy & Vegetarian Disclaimer:

World Karma Project will makes every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for those with food allergies. Every effort is made to instruct our food production staff on the severity of food allergies; however, there is always a risk of contamination. There is also a possibility that manufacturers of the commercial foods we use could change the formulation at any time, without notice. Customers concerned with food allergies need to be aware of this risk. World Karma Project will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items one may come in contact with while eating on our retreat.

Tour excludes:

  • Travel Insurance (Compulsory)
  • Visas
  • Meals, drinks, alcohol and all services not clearly mentioned
  • Laundry, telephone calls and expenditures of a personal nature
  • Tips and gratuities [Tour guide; boat staff; driver]
  • All international & domestic flight and airport taxes
  • Air port pick up / drop off ($25US each way)


Note that yoga classes aboard the luxury dragon boat are held outdoors, on the deck, and in the case of inclement weather, are held indoors in the dining area, which is a smaller space

Due to the volatility of the industry, we have our representative visit the accommodations site within 60 days before your retreat to guarantee that it is up to our high quality western standards. We will publish / send out an email of the final itinerary once we confirm that the accommodation passes our quality check.



27 thoughts on “Itinerary: Nov. 2012”

  1. World’s oldest yoga teacher at 93 /

    Tao Porchon-Lynch has been named the oldest yoga teacher in the world by Guinness World Records.

    The 93-year-old, who has had a hip replacement, said she would continue teaching “until I can’t breathe any more”.

    “I love yoga, it brightens my day and makes everybody smile.”

  2. icelandpenny “Old Trail, New Friends”

    “The scene is Halong Bay, Vietnam, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also the location of the late-2012 Adventure Yoga Retreat, which Adam will co-lead on a dragon boat, in that bay. I am not Buddhist, I do not practise yoga, and I will not attempt to describe either the World Karma Project or the Retreat — Adam’s website does all that very well. I’ll quote only this, the objective of the Project: “create & promote random acts of kindness, building kind & compassionate communities, 1 person at a time.””

  3. A Perfect Afternoon in Central Park with The World’s Oldest Living Yoga Teacher by ROBERT STURMAN | via

    I had the honor not long ago to photograph the very lovely and extremely inspirational Master Tao Porchon Lynch, a ninety-three-year-old yoga master, ballroom dancer, oenophile (lover of wine), and former actress and model.

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