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Experience the whimsical origami Crane installation by Adam Quang

1000 acts of kindness poster 8.5x11Great ambiance enhancement for any space from zen chic for the home to fashion runways or as an installation of cozy whimsical timeless center-piece for a waiting/lounge area for any culinary establishment and retail stores / window display / yoga studio. The individually hand-folded pieces when brought together in this delicate display seem to capture the essence of the famous dance of the cranes – a portrayal of love, joy and a celebration of life. The crane. A legendary bird, long considered by many cultures as a symbol of happiness, eternal youth, spring, light, good fortune, longevity and the mysterious balance of feminine and masculine energies – the shakti and shiva. Indeed, the graceful quality and peacefulness of the crane can be experienced when observing the whimsical origami crane art-piece creation by Adam Quang.

Latest installation: 1000 Acts of kindness


LINK: DIY instruction on how-to fold and installation
Order pre-made crane origami
Order pre-package ready for you to DIY installation
Like to commission a installation? [ info <at>  worldkarmaproject <dot> com]

If you would like to sponsor and bring the “1000 Acts of Kindness” art installation to your city, please contact: info [AT] worldkarmaproject [DOT] com

Disclaimer: You are welcome to make copies of my works for your own or your friends’ personal use. If you are using my work for commercial or financial gain, please seek my prior permission, credit me in your work, and share the wealth.

Email: info [at] worldkarmaproject [dot] com
Subject: Legal Permission
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