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How to create & promote random acts of kindness?

“As a teacher I build random random acts of kindness and gratitude into each and every unit I teach. I tell my students that kindness is another muscle we need to utilize, develop and maintain. It’s amazing the student-driven positive actions that result!” Lindsay

“Friends: Harbingers of the Unexpected

How wonderful it is to have friends who help out in the most unexpected ways!
This past Thursday, a friend visited me, and noticed my cracked unfunctioning laptop screen. There is a crack from the top right corner, down to the bottom left – making it challenging to see/use my computer.
My friend left and later that afternoon, texted me saying he was on his way back over. When arrived, in his arms was a new (flat screen) moniter to use with my laptop!
To say I was surprised would be an understatement! Even though I was ‘making due’ with my cracked computer screen, he wanted to help make my life that much less stressful. How selfless was this gesture! So touched by his kindness, it makes me more aware of how acts of kindness make a difference – great or small! This feeling what I will try to impart to others daily. ” Stella Watters

free compliment
free compliment

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free compliment

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