Acts Of Kindness 3

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How to create & promote random acts of kindness?

shoe-Act of kindness“An act of kindness does not have to break the bank. There have been many times where I have noticed someone struggling carrying their groceries and I have helped them carry them to their car. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make the greatest impact on a person. When someone helps me I try my best to make a point to help someone else who is in need. A great way to promote acts of kindness is to do something nice for someone, and ask them to return the favour to someone else. Most times they will help someone else, because they know that karma can be a bitch or a delight! But it also makes you feel good about yourself, and it gives life meaning. This world is filled with chaos and crime, that it feels good to make people smile, and help them realize that people aren’t all that bad.” Jennifer

“be kind, it’s contagious” Kit Chokly

“Live and practice through metta, daily.” aria

“by practicing compassion.” LoriH

“I am a parent and hope that I teach it to my kids. I don’t know how to promote it in others, but I get back what I give in many ways.” Rique Franks

“Life for me is about our connection to each other and embrace the flow of supporting and allowing support. It’s all circular.” Kim

“offering free (Yoga) events like this…” Violeta B

“be kind to one another” Jenn

“Being calm” Eva Kim

“Be ever vigilant in looking for what you can do to better things for others.” Jeff

“If I see someone who I think would benefit from something I let them know about it without pressuring them to follow through. I try to help people to enjoy their day. I speak from my heart and I spend time with people.” Jessica

“be present. Smile” Shawna Taylor

“Do joyfully.” Sharon

“Don’t think, just do!” Lilian

“give up your seat on ttc for people in need” Jay

“Think what others need” Carmen

“be compassionate for others, think about what I can give instead of get.” Drew

“Just keep paying forward the positive energy. After all, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” Stefan Alexander

“be an example” Don

“Be kind to everyone and who knows your kindness might rub off on them” Ada

“Be kind to strangers and expect nothing in return.” Lucia

“Treat everyone like a friend.” Beatrice Jones

“Always be polite, always compliment, and always let someone know when they are awesome.” Liz Bradley

“I try to be observant of my surroundings and lend a hand at apt times- someone awkwardly struggling with items, offer to take group photos whenever encountered” Trish

“just do” jordan tam

“Always smile.” Katerina

“Just being self” Aurora

“By having respect and treating people well.” Sona

“don’t be an asshole ;)” Mike

“Be kind and encourage others to be kind too” Azalea Lee

“Help people with the smallest thing. Always have a smile on your face” Natalija Mitevska

“The best way to promote random acts of kindness, is simple taking the action to help other people.” Vivian Wang

“small things makes a big difference in life” tat

“Reach out to others through volunteering :)”  Ann

“Kindness is not an every day thing to most but can shock somebody if you do. My culture instil kindness in me that I carried it along until today that I joined a movement about kindness to pass along everyday through little things using our kindness card.” Tess Pike



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DO, FEEL, BE kindness.