#1000kindness Street Style Installation Art

#1000Kindness is a call action for pay-it-forward act of kindness

A global art installation project under the umbrella of the World Karma Project — uses cranes to inspire us to create a ripple effect making the world a better place one act of kindness at a time.

#1000Kindness by Adam Quang installation art has visited 6 continents. Was part of the opening weekend of SouthBank Centre Festival of Love (London, UK.) and seem by 7 million plus people.

👉 Current and past cities 1000kindness

👉 #1000Kindness video

#1000Kindness2017 currently in public display

📍North America
Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Combermere, Ottawa, Saskatoon, Prince Edward County, Aurora, Haliburton, Niagara fall, Calgary, Regina,
United State of America: NYC, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Rochester, Charlotte NC, Texas, Park City – Utah, Maui – Mawaii,
📍 Asia – Thailand: Bangkok. Singapore. Hong Kong,
📍 Europe – Paris – France. London – UK. Barcelona – Spain,
📍 Australia – Sydney
📍 South Africa,
📍 South America – Brazil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte. Mexico: Puerto Vallarta, Cancún – Quintana Roo.
[ 32 cities as of Nov.2017 ]









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I want to do something to change the negativity, hate and fear that’s currently going on in our world. We need something to remind us that we are human and that we relate to each other more fully in physical proximity, not by the number of likes or how many swipes are available on our dating app algorithm or stats.

My hope for origami cranes is to create a bridge of human experience, seeing each other as human beings – not us and them!  A Pay-it-Forward experience can help each of us see and treat each other with kindness. Even though we have different worldviews / religions, together we can create a kinder human experience and peace for the world.

Hopefully, these cranes can act like a drop of water, sending out a ripple effect of positive experiences, and making our communities safer places.

Artist statement

#1000Kindness is a project that intersects reality, collects and reassemble human kindness and compassion into a repertoire. …reveal humanity of one’s relationship with his/her reality, opening up the viewers mind to new possibilities. “What can I do / give” Instead of “What in it for me / What I get? …”
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Make 10 cranes
white colour paper 4.25×4.25”
(see video below for step by step instruction)

Hand written messages under the wings:

Do something kind to the next person you meet

  • Portuguese: Faça uma gentileza para a próxima pessoa que encontrar
  • French: Faîtes une bonne action envers la prochaine personne croisée
  • Catalonia: Fes quelcom d’amable per la següent persona que trobis


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Street installation:

• Pre-threaded (1 meter) the cranes
• Find a tree branch
• Tie the cranes on branch

People experience:

• Hand it out to people you meet and say “Do something kind to the next person you meet”
• Or leave it at places you frequent [store / coffee shop / gas station / bus …] or landmarks in your city…
• Take video and / or  pictures at each location


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Social media links

Send pictures, story and link of your social media post to
[ info @ world karma project .com ]

@worldkarmaproj (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Instagram, Twitter@adam_quang
Facebook: @AdamQuangHappinessArchitect


How it work?

  • You will perform a kindness for ten (10) people,
  • and those ten (10) people will perform a kindness for ten (10) more.
  • Eight (8) stage, kindnesses will have reached 100 million people – 3x the population of the Canada.
  • By ninth (9) stage kindnesses will have reached 1 Billion people – 3x the population of the United States of America.
  • and by the tenth (10) stage, kindnesses will have reached 10 Billion people, more than the world’s population!


Free kindness ideas

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  • Show gratitude to people around you
  • Make eye contact: show that you acknowledge and have respect for the person.
  • Give a genuine smile to people
  • Tell someone they “look great ”
  • Give a kind compliment to someone whom you may not usually take notice.
  • Walk an old person across the busy street.
  • Write a note of appreciation to your mailman.
  • Write a “Thank You” note to someone.
  • Leave “Have a Nice Day” stickers at a front desk.
  • Send a card to someone in the military overseas.
  • Invite someone who is alone over for dinner.
  • Offer to pay for someone’s lunch
  • Buy a coffee for someone in the office
  • Buy lunch for a homeless person.
  • Give flowers randomly to a stranger.
  • Drop off a toy or game at a hospital and / or homeless shelter.
  • Send someone a small gift anonymously.

Note: if you receive any form of personal gain from this, you’re doing a business transaction, not kindness

👉 📹 Video: people kindness pledges from our past project in London UK

👉 More kindness Ideas:


About the Artist

Adam Quang is an award-winning artist that has created pieces based on his humanity for clients, including international luxury brands. His works have been shown at Southbank in London UK, and across 6 continents (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America.)
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DO, FEEL, BE kindness.